“Whenever we’re craving comfort food, but want something a little different we call Alganesh! Her Ethiopian/Eritrean food is amazing with high quality ingredients that everyone, including our picky eaters, love. Lentils, vegetables, chicken, lamb, we’ve tried everything. Spicy or mild, with rice or with injera bread…no one ever leaves the table hungry!”Lisa Groeneveld 

“If you love Ethiopian Food as much as I do, this is the real deal!  Authentic injera, D’Oro Wat, Shiro and all the rest.  Before I met Alganesh, I was only able to find Ethiopian Food when I travelled to big cities like New York or Montreal. We are so lucky we have this fine African cuisine available to us locally now!   Alganesh makes each dish with love and authenticity.  The results never disappoint!  I wish I could eat her food everyday!” – Joan Shannon

“Have long been a fan of Ethiopian/Eritrean food, and was excited to happen upon Alganesh Michael’s “A Taste of Abyssinia” a few years ago. Exactly what the greater Burlington area needs, and a much more convenient alternative to Montreal or Boston. Followed Alganesh to various venues around Chittenden county and to Waterbury and Bristol, attended her classes at CVU and just can’t get enough! Food is absolutely delicious, plentiful, healthy, and fresh with generously sized portions. She is an amazing person, cook and hostess … I will be a regular at Mill Market & Deli on Wednesday evenings for my ‘fix’. ” – John Zwick, South Burlington.

My family has tasted all of Alganesh’s Eritrean/Ethiopian dishes and they are all incredible delicious.  The flavors are unique and the spiciness is just right (sometimes too spicy for my son but the injera helps balance it out!).  The colors and the textures of the food are perfect as well.  Seeing the injera with the various sauces/stews on top is so appealing to the eye and the taste buds!  The portions are large and always warm.  It is so fun to eat with your hands using the injera to scoop it up.  It makes the overall experience even more special! Finally, and maybe most importantly, the service is always with a smile…. Alganesh is the friendliest chef around.  Vermont and Burlington are lucky to have her here. – Lisa Charlebois

“We absolutely love the hearty, flavorful and delicious meals that Alganesh creates and have enjoyed them with our immediate family and at small gatherings with friends. When we first moved to Vermont, we weren’t sure where we could turn for authentic Ethiopian food, which we enjoyed quite frequently when we lived in the tri-state area. We were SO pleasantly surprised to find A Taste of Abyssinia and be able to introduce the flavors and traditions of Ethiopian cuisine to our young daughters, who also love Alganesh’s cooking!” – Anna Marie Gewirtz

“We took an online Ethiopian/Eritrean cooking class from Chef Alganesh as a company team building event this winter. Her ease and comfort at teaching us this cuisine and culture along with her humor made for a very enjoyable virtual company event. Thank you Alganesh for such a wonderful class and for your warm hospitality!” – Ginie Olson  

The food is absolutely delicious!!! Alganesh cooking at the Taste of Abyssinia! Yum!
– Tyeastia Green


“I loved the food! The quality was outstanding and all the dishes were delicious. The way you are giving the community an opportunity to have wonderful Ethiopian/Eritrean homemade food is amazing.” – Deborah Norotsky


“Because we saw a posting recommending Alganesh Michael’s A Taste of Abyssinia in the forum, we tried with friends and have to add that it was fabulous. It was like traveling to a foreign country and enjoying native food. Alganesh prepares authentic Ethiopian / Eritrean food, both vegetarian and with chicken. It’s a joy to eat with family and friends. Cannot receommend her cuisine enough.” – Bill & Kate Schubart


“A quick review for one of my now-favorite local businesses: We absolutely LOVED the dinner we picked up last Wednesday (10/21). The spicy chicken was one of the best things I’ve eaten, the spicy mushrooms were spicy heaven, the collard greens were so fresh and good, and the injera and lentils were perfect to round out the whole meal. The whole meal was just a delicious experience. The meal says it’s meant to be for 4-6 people and there were only 2 of us, so I can also say that all of these foods held up totally fine as leftovers over the next two days. I picked this dinner up for us mainly because my partner has always wanted to try Ethiopian food, and she gave it all rave reviews as well. I’m already telling my family and friends in Vermont to check out the weekly pop up dinners for themselves, because a) I want more people to eat this food and support A Taste of Abyssinia, and b) I want to be invited over when they order it ��”  – Alex Randrup


“Dining on Ethiopian cuisine in the middle of the winter in Vermont is a truly delightful   dinner experience for the whole family. A meal cooked by Alganesh Michael, herself a South Burlington treasure, transports you to an exciting world of Ethiopia and Eritrean cooking.  The children will love it when they learn they don’t need to eat with utensils and can soak up their dishes with injera bread for the full cultural experience.  We picked up the family dinner at the Dorset Street Market and Deli where “A Taste of Absyinia” serves on Wednesday evenings for take out. Our meal consisted of spicy lentils (my personal favorite), a lamb stew, mixed greens, and injera bread.  The injera bread is a tasty fermented flat bread with a slightly tangy flavor, and is served in abundance with each meal.  The lamb stew was exceptionally tender and seeped in a perfectly blended mild spice sauce.  My personal favorite is the spicy lentils which are delicious.  The mixed greens were just the right accompaniment to the whole meal.  Our meal served four with enough for a second night.  We shared the meal with our neighbors, Melissa and Tom Carvey, who said how much fun it was to try new ethnic cuisines and that this was a “must-do” for another dinner. We can’t wait to try it again.  Highly recommended!” – Louise Murphy 


“It is hard to choose which is more warm and inviting–Alganesh or her food. She is open, outgoing, and joyful. Her business model is such that, at her family and friends pick up events, you get to meet the chef when you pick up your food.  Even as she hustles to fill your order, you get a warm welcome as she explains how the meal is organized and what is in it. Should you choose Alganesh to cater or to teach, you’ll only multiply the human connection.”   – Michael Hoffman, Essex Junction, Vermont


“Alganesh and her food and her classes are just treasures. The food she makes is delicious. She’s taught us to make wonderful injera (flat bread). Her gomen alicha (greens), yemesser wet (lentils), yesiga wet (beef stew – also excellent made with mushrooms), and doro alicha (chicken) make for memorable meals.  Good Ethiopian/Eritrean food is not so easy to find in Vermont! She’s the real deal and we are lucky to have her in our community. We’ve taken several classes with her (through CVU, back before the virus) and learned tons each time. She is a patient, well-prepared, and utterly approachable teacher. We are always happy when she runs a pop-up restaurant near us in Bristol (we live near Middlebury), and we will be first in line when in-person classes start again.” – Perry Lessing and Louisa Burnham


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