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I offer several different food services. For example: Weekly friends & family dinner, catering, classes, festivals and popup events. You can see more information about each below.

Weekly Friends & Family Dinner


Don’t want to wait for pop-up events, or don’t have enough people to cater?

Weekly Friends & Family Dinner is a smaller catering option that feeds four to six people.

Cost: $110

Time: Place your order by Monday for Wednesday pickup

Location: The Mill Market & Deli in South Burlington

This week’s menu: See below. I offer a different menu each week.

10 orders per week (by email: sereke@yahoo.com), on a first come, first served basis

P.S. If you’re looking for smaller portion, please don’t hesitate to ask. Also, two entrees are available for extra money.

Gift Certificates available!

Weekly menu ~ April 5th!

(Traditional Holiday Meal will be offered on April 12th ~ in celebration of

Orthodox Easter)

You can see pictures of each dish on my catering menu.


Curried Lamb or

Mildly Seasoned Potato, Carrots w String beans ~ vegetarian dish

SIDES (all sides come w your order)

Spiced Lentils (Staple dish)

Mildly Seasoned Collard Green/ Cabbage w Shredded Carrots

Injera (fermented bread) a must have or Rice (gluten free option)

(If the button above doesn’t work for you, send an email to sereke@yahoo.com to order.)

After receiving your dinner, please leave your feedback on THIS SURVEY so I can improve for next time!

Whenever we’re craving comfort food, but want something a little different we call Alganesh! Her Ethiopian/Eritrean food is amazing with high quality ingredients that everyone, including our picky eaters, love. Lentils, vegetables, chicken, lamb, we’ve tried everything. Spicy or mild, with rice or with injera bread…no one ever leaves the table hungry!

– Lisa Groeneveld



I cater for various sizes, from as small as private parties to as large as weddings. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available.


I do both public and private cooking classes, teaching how to prepare authentic dishes as well as explaining their cultural background. Classes can be vegetarian, and may include a traditional coffee ceremony. At the end, we will enjoy the food we have prepared together!

cooking class



In the summer, I prepare a few of my dishes and share them in smaller portions, including sample-sized.

Popup Events

I cook and serve this authentic cuisine in local restaurants or cafes, for everyone to enjoy. Pop-up dinners can range anywhere from 50 to 150 people. 

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