Catering Menu

I cater for various sizes, from as small as private parties to as large as weddings. Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available. (Email me to order:

If you don’t have enough people for catering, I also offer a weekly Friends & Family Dinner.

Main Dishes

This cuisine is known for its spiciness, but each dish can be made medium or mild as well. The names in the menu are Eritrean, Ethiopian and English respectively

Dorho Zigni, Doro Wet, Spices Chicken dish with boiled eggs

Zigni Sega, Yesega Wet, Spiced Beef

Lamb & Veggies

lamb and veggies

Hamli, Gomen, Kale

Alicia Timtimo, Yemesser Alicia, Curried Lentil

Tsebhi Qantsha, Inguda Wet, Spiced Mushroom

Spicy whole lentils

Sauteed potatoes, carrots and green beans

Doro Alicha, Yedoro Alicia, Curried Chicken

Ground chickpea sauce

Taita, Injera, Fermented bread, most commonly known now as injera

Powder made from dried red hot pepper mixed with garlic, shallots, cumin, coriander, and lots of Ethiopian seasonings


Catering: starts at $22-$30 per person, and varies based on the number and type of dishes (vegetable/meat)

Friends & Family Dinner: $100 for one order (4-6 people), for pick-ups from our new location, The Mill Market & Deli

Contact me at for more information about catering and other events.

If you love Ethiopian Food as much as I do, this is the real deal!  Authentic injera, D’Oro Wat, Shiro and all the rest.  Before I met Alganesh, I was only able to find Ethiopian Food when I travelled to big cities like New York or Montreal. We are so lucky we have this fine African cuisine available to us locally now!   Alganesh makes each dish with love and authenticity.  The results never disappoint!  I wish I could eat her food everyday!”

– Joan Shannon
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