The Chef

My name is Alganesh Michael. I live in South Burlington with my husband and two daughters. Though not a chef by trade, I love to cook for my family & friends. Over the past 6 years, I have been working in collaboration with many local restaurants, as well as in schools and various communities, to introduce authentic Ethiopian & Eritrean cuisine to the Lake Champlain region of Vermont.

The Food

Ethiopia and Eritrea are countries in the horn of Africa. The two staple components of this authentic cuisine are injera and berbere. Injera is a staple food, usually made from teff flour, and it is unique to both countries. It is a fermented, sourdough flatbread served with variety of stews & curries of meats and veggies, also called wet, on top.  Berbere is a traditional spice blend that is the backbone of Ethiopian & Eritrean cuisine. It’s used in many different dishes, including the national dish, Doro wet (chicken stew). Traditionally, the food is eaten by hand from a common platter, communal dining tradition; don’t be afraid to dig in!


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